Fun with Reading

We love to read. So, of course, we are excited about March is Reading Month!

Our schools have many fun activities planned this month like read a cereal box day, read- a shirt day, flashlight reading, and special guest mystery readers. We explore the different reading genres in our classrooms. Our students know that we all enjoy different books. Knowing the genres helps us decide which kind of story we’d like to read next.

Here is a video last year’s Techie Kids created to help others learn about genres.


The Genre Song from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.


In our technology lab, we also explore many websites that share stories with some combination of text, audio, or video.

Here are some of our favorite reading sites.


(Currently 50 links)


This is a Reading Sqworl made just for my 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.



Happy Reading!
Tell us about your favorite book and why you like it.

What is your favorite genre?


Can you tell us how your school celebrates reading?


Do you know of any other great reading websites to share?