How To Draw a Cartoon Elephant

This is a student post by Jacqueline.


This Snapguide shows how to draw a cartoon elephant. It is a step by step tutorial. I was learning about how to make tutorials and different ways to publish my ideas.

I hope you enjoy it and like making your own elephant.


Check out How to Draw a Cartoon Elephant by Kelly Moore on Snapguide.


What other animals would you like to learn how to draw?

Have you ever made a tutorial?


How to Travel on Google Earth

This is a student post by Mikayla and Amy.



We learned a lot of new skills in Technology class this year.

In this project, we learned how to use Movie Maker and Photo Story 3. We learned how to go on Google Earth and travel to faraway places while staying in our classroom. We learned how to take screenshots and use them in our presentations. We learned how to make music on and Photo Story 3. We recorded our voices and learned how to put it in our movie.

We also learned how to type in step by step directions for you! Enjoy our tutorial of how to travel on Google Earth.


How To Use Google Earth from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.


Have you made a movie before?


Where in the world would you like to visit?



How To Use a Digital Camera

This is a student post by Taylor and Lauren.


We were learning about ways to use the app, Snapguide, to create a tutorial. Our idea was to show people how to use a digital camera. This tutorial will show you step by step basics of using a digital camera. We used the iPad to take pictures of each step. Next, we added captions to match the steps. We hope our tutorial will help people learn how to use a digital camera in the future.


Check out How to Use a Digital Camera by Kelly Moore on Snapguide.


What was helpful about this Snapguide?

What cool pictures have you captured?

What kind of tutorials would you make?

Tour the White House

This is a student post by Liam and Noah.

We have been learning about how to do screencasts and how to use Google Maps. We can go to different places throughout the world without leaving our school. So we want to share this video so you can take a tour of the White House.

We hope it inspires you to take many more tours of the world.



Have you ever made a screencast before?


Have you ever used Google Maps?


What is your favorite place in the world?

How To Reduce Before Multiplying Fractions

This is a student post by Jenelle and Elaina.

We learned about the new app, Educreations. It lets you make a screencast while you draw on the screen. We want to show you how to reduce fractions before multiplying. We think this is a good strategy to use.

We hope you enjoy learning how to reduce before you multiply fractions!


Have you used Educreations or made a screencast before?

What would you make a screencast about?

How To Draw an Airplane

This is a student post by Nathan, Jacob, and Nolan.

We are going to show you how to draw an airplane. The illustration is accompanied by a rap with the step by step directions. We learned how to increase the speed of a video using Windows Movie Maker. We also remixed music using UJAM.


How-To: Draw an Airplane from Kelly Moore on Vimeo.


Have you ever created a rap before? If not, what would your rap be about?

Tell us about your favorite thing to draw.

What is your favorite place to create music?


Scavenger Hunt

This is a student post created by Dominic.

Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt!

In this game, players will use Google Maps to look for architecture and answer questions.


1. Open a new window or tab. (browser)
2. Go to
3. In the Search bar, type in the first location. (Example: Big Ben, United Kingdom)
4. Drag the yellow man on the right side onto Big Ben.
5. Look through the pictures and answer the question. (Example: Estimate the height of Big Ben)
6. Put your answers in the comments below.

Good Luck!

Find these Locations:

1. Location: Paris, France
Detail: Eiffel Tower
Question: Estimate the Height of the Tower.

2. Location: Rio De Janiero, Brazil
Detail: Christ The Redeemer (look toward the city)
Question: Estimate how many people live in the city.

3. Location: Rome, Italy
Detail: Colosseum
Question: Estimate how many arches are in the Colosseum.


Remember, leave your answers in the comments section below.


What did you think of this scavenger hunt?

Would you like to play this game again?


Do you have any suggestions for new locations?