Endangered Species

This is a student post written by Savannah, Adrianna, and Nicole.

Endangered animals need to be taken care of as do their habitats. They need their habitats to survive. If they don’t have their home or food, they will not survive. Some people hunt endangered animals like the cheetah. People cut down trees for paper or building materials.



Rainbow Finch

rainbow finch

Image by Nick Hobgood Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Here are some ways you can help. Try using things that are not made of wood. Try using whiteboards or computers instead of paper. You can use an iPod, DSi, or eReader to read books too. If you have to use paper, then recycle it when you’re done. You can also use both sides of the paper before recycling. This is called reusing. To reduce your garbage, cut down on how much you use each day. We should start replanting the trees that are getting cut down, too.





Image by barnetcouncil Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


Here are some of the illustrations the first grade students made on Earth Day to remind us how to take care of the Earth.

SlideShare of Earth Day 1st grade pictures.


Can you tell us if you’ve ever done something to help endangered animals?


Please share some of your endangered animal research with us.


What facts do we need to know?

Video Games with Abby!!

Hey it’s Abby! Today we are talking about Video Games. Now video games are fun, cool, and awesome, but what about our health? Now in my opinion you should only play at the most three video game networks, because if you have more you will want to play it more. You sit still to play video games. If you are sitting still and not being active you can become obese! Obese is just a nicer word than fat!! Now I’m just trying to get you to relize what harm can do to you if you become a video nut! Just remeber to be healthy, active, and just have fun!! 🙂

Leave a comment and tell us your favorite video game AND your favorite outside activity.




Image by Jensen, Jennifer. img_3103.jpg. November 16, 2009. Pics4Learning. 14 May 2010 <http://pics.tech4learning.com>

Almost at the End

It’s almost the end of the year. Remember during summer break please consider the following:


*playing a sport

*just play outside for at least an hour

You can still be on the computer, TV, or your portable game systems. Just don’t do it for too long because third graders and under, you guys have to have a program in fourth grade called Healthy Kids Healthy Hearts. They show you how to stay healthy. They even give you an assignment to do. At the end there’s a jeopardy game the team that wins gets a extra prize. So you should start now. even after the program you should still be healthy and exercise. So just remember to stay healthy and active.

Your friend,


Rollerbladers in the Park  Fruit Face Swing

Shark Bites With Abby

Hey, Hey it’s Abby! I want to tell you all about the new movie were going to see, Oceans! Now you will see amazing images of animals and you will learn about them! This movie is a Disney movie which means it has something to do with Friends For Change!  Friends for Change is all about making a diffrence in the world! You can participate in Friends For Change by going to disney.go.com! Together we can make a diffrence! I can’t wait to see the movie! 🙂


Clown Fish

Image by Kenneth G. Ransom from Pics4Learning.com

Being Computer Safe


Hi people! Kaylee here. Remember being computer safe is important!!! Don’t give your full name on any website not even yours!!! People may try to steal your identity!!! That’s bad!!! Many people online say to trust them but don’t!!! They can cause troubles!!! If you’re AN ADULT you can decide to put personal information on a website!!! Remember your COMPUTER SAFETY!!!

Your friend,


Be a Friend!

Do you like being treated well? Do you know many kids get bullied every day? Most people  see bullying , but they don’t do anything to help them. You may not know what kind of bullying . Here are some bullying ways:

*calling people bad names

*telling them they can’t play with you

*kicking, shoving, pushing, and teasing

*insulting by making fun of them

It’s time for you to make a REAL DIFFERENCE !!!! Go  and be different!! It’s okay.

Your friend,


Healthy Kids, Healthy Hearts

Hi people,

Olivia and Kaylee here. We’re  very excited to tell you about Healthy Kids Healthy Hearts. They teach kids how to stay healthy and teach about the side affects of smoking. Here are some facts:

* Out of the 4000 chemicals  in tobacco smoke, over 40 are known to cause cancer.

*On average, every 45 seconds someone in the US has a stroke

* Cardiovascular  disease is the#1 killer in America

There’s MANY more facts  too!!!!

Siberian Tiger Going Extinct

Did you know the Siberian Tiger is going extinct? It is going extinct because, of human actions. The reason their going extinct is because, of  lost of habitat, and hunters!  They live in Russia and Western Cental Asia. They are one of the eight biggest tigers. If we don’t protect them NOW we are going to lose these huge cats that are important to our environment.

Siberian Tiger

By Dax and Aaron