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There are many free platforms available for creating a class website or blog. There are many that have additional features for a paid subscription, but in general, the free versions are sufficient. I operate under the “Free is Good” banner. 🙂

I have seen many teachers use these platforms. Click the links next to each to see an example of a site on each platform.


EdublogsFree and Paid options    Techie Kids This is my blog.

BlogspotFree Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom Blog  Amazing Blogger in California

WeeblyFree Anchor Bay Elementary Math Sites Site we created for our district to support Common Core standards

TeacherWeb -$39/year    Example Site I just clicked on the Find Your Teacher tab and randomly found this one.

I use Edublogs. I love it.

You can start small just by playing around with the site. It can be completely static (no regular changes), if that’s all you want. Think of it as an online file folder. When you think of something your students need to know, post it. When you have a link, website, or activity to share, post it. That way you have 1 link to give your families with all the things you feel are valuable.

This is an example of how to get started.

Here’s where to go:

Here are some of the features offered- they are now all Ad-Free, Woo-Hoo!



It’s that simple!




Happy Blogging!

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