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Click! Today was picture day. Everyone had a big smile on there faces. Everyone Picturegot dressed up fancy. It was great!

After that  we went to math and learned about decimals.  It was easy!

In music were having a Christmas play called T’was the Night Before Christmas.   I like the play and I  think everyone else  does too!

After we got back from music we did social studies.   Were learning about our rights,  rule of law, and Core Democratic Values.  It was very interesting.   Well that’s enough about social studies.

Now 3 – 5 – 7.  Everyone is trying  to beat Mr. Alvaro but they have to remember that they have to beat 10 people before they try to beat Mr. Alvaro.

Like Abby said in the last scoop yesterday about the book Loser it’s so good that people can’t stop reading it!  Tomorrow I believe that were going to do the American flag project.  I can’t wait!!!

In class Mr. Alvaro has a stuffed hand on a stick and people seem to enjoy that!

Well that’s enough for today!


2 thoughts on “Amy's Scoop

  1. I remember doing 3-5-7. We’re doing that in my math class. Except, instead of 3-5-7 it’s called, Nim. It’s the same concept but the line order is 3-4-5. We’re having a competition to see who can try to figure it out. I am disqualified because I already know. And so is everyone else that was in Mr. Alvaro’s class. But that’s okay. I still love the game.
    I remember reading Loser too! I loved the book so much!!!!! I just want to read it over, and over, and over again. I miss doing all of that stuff. (cry, cry, sob, sob) Okay, I feel better. Well, I got to go now, so BYE!!

  2. Hey guys!!!!!! It’s Emily from last year. Hey Abby didn’t I tell you Mr.A was the coolest teacher ever or didn’t I????????? About middle school you guys are gonna have so much fun!!!! You’ll love it!!! The bad thing is you go to school an hour earlier!?!?!?!?!? Talk about falling asleep in class. In Language Arts yesterday I actually fell aspleep!!!!! (true story) Mr. Paul was so mad! But he was mad in a funny way. Like Mr.Mitt. The Skinny looks fantastic! I see you have Mr.Bakers class as your New Zeland blog buddies, hey whoever has Aakansa as their buddie give her a shout-out for me!!! At this very moment I’m listening to Thriller by Michael Jackson. There’s this website called and you can go there and put 200 songs on a playlist for free! It’s really cool. Your class should try it. Did you do human knots yet? Ooh my fave thing to do is tribes. It’s a really good place to get to know other people. You i still play Tribes with my friends that were in your class. I wanna just come and act like a new student for a day then say I moved to New Jersey. I also think this comment is getting waaaay to long. So Mr.A, e-mail my mom ASAP. You should still have her e-mail from last year. Okay I’m getting too carried away bye!!!!!!

    P.S I’ll see you that one day and my secret name will be Sally Henderson. See Ya Peeps Later!!!!!!!

    P.S. P.S Have fun in class.

    P.S PS PS I=I’m done.

    Love Ya’s PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!


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