Amy’s Post

Hey everyone its me Amy with the skinny.

Here are somethings I think you should know about.

Our school has been donating money to Haiti for the past week.  So bring in your spare change.   Every quarter  counts.

Tomorrow we will be having Hungry Howies lunch, that will be cool.  If you would like to have another piece of pizza so you get two pieces you need to bring an extra dollar.

Report cards  come home tomorrow so be prepared!

On Friday,  pizza kit orders from Little Ceasers will be turned in.

Winter break also starts on Feburary 12!   I can’t wait! Can you?

Well that’s all the latest information.  Thanks for reading! Bye!Picture

2 thoughts on “Amy’s Post

  1. Thanks Amy , it was nice to know the oinformation so I don’t have to rember the morning informaation

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