Amy’s Scoop

Hey everyone it’s Amy with The Skinny.  I’m here to tell you the latest gossip, the skinny.     No I’m just kidding I’m here to tell you the latest news.

The basketball Scholar Ship game is today at the High School. Actually some people from our fifth grade with be singing the Star Spangled Banner.

For all those people who like playing bingo it’s bingo night here at school Friday.

Tomorrow the people from the yearbook company are coming. So practice your posing.

Well that’sPicture all I have for today. Thanks for reading. Bye!

3 thoughts on “Amy’s Scoop

  1. I sang and watched the game!
    The people who sang were Me, Emily Trayner, Colton, Lottie and a couple from 4th. don’t think i’m missin anybody 🙂

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