Amy’s Scoop

Hey everyone it’s me Amy with The Skinny and I have some stuff to tell you. So kick back relax and just read on.

There is no spelling packet this week.  We will not be having a spelling test on Friday.

Before I tell you anything I want to know what you did over the weekend so hit the comment button and start typing.

Well first we are having a relay 4  life program going on. So if you want to know more information talk to Mrs. Carlson.

Next, McDonald’s night is tomorrow so you better ask your parents if you can go.

The mom 2  mom sale is this Saturday. If your going you’ll probably see Mr.Alvaro with Mrs.Alvaro selling food.

Next week will be the spring week so the hours will be changed.

This Wednesday Mr.Glasford the principalAmy of the Middle School South is coming to show us the classes we are going to be able to take or the ones we have to take.

Well that’s all I have for today. Thanks for reading! Bye!

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