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  1. Hello Fifth Graders! I just wanted to wish all of you a VERY, MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you remember who I am! Your class was one of my most FAVORITE classes. I am not just saying that because my kid (Derek Goerke) is in your class. I’m saying that because I thought you were well-behaved, hard workers, and you were always kind to each other! I LOVE that about kids! And I have to admit, you are all pretty special because you are friends with my son (Derek Goerke)! I CANNOT wait for your play on December 13th. I’m counting down the days! I miss you guys! Have a GREAT holiday! I hope Santa is good to you!
    Mrs. Goerke

  2. Hi Mr. Alvaro

    I am having a sleepover with Paige and my cousin Danielle. Tomorrow we are going to my grandma’s yard sale and getting money!!!

    From Caitlyn

  3. I love the skinny. It’s full of amazing songs, school project, plans, and chat, plause their are hundreds of people from around the world checking the blog out .

  4. This weeks Beatles fact:

    Ringo Starr wanted to be a hairdresser when he was younger.

  5. Madison and Montana,

    Just wanted to tell you that your whole class did absolutly WONDERFUL last night in Band-O-Rama. All the schools were awesome, but Lottie really rocked it!!! MR M!!! You are an awesome teacher. They all have made such great strides since the begining of the year! Shows how patience,dedication and hard work pays off! Lottie was the one school to get a standing ovation! thankyou again to all the staff for another great year!

    Everyone get outside this weekend plant flowers, a tree or veggies! Take advantage of the fresh air and nature! have fun, be safe and remember be careful of cars when bike riding. Cars are not allways looking out for you!

    Maddie and Tana Im gonna miss you this weekend, but have fun and be safe!!!

    We all love you with all our heart and soul!

    Mom Candy,Dad Mikey, Gramma Nancy, Tyler, Sarah, Stefan, Emma,Wagner and Cinnamon! xoxoxoxox

  6. This weeks Beatles fact:

    Before writing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” George Harrison randomly picked up a book on a shelf, opened it and read the first word he saw. The word was ‘gently.’

  7. This weeks Beatles fact:

    “Flying”, from the 1967 release Magical Mystery Tour, was the first song credited as being written by all four members of The Beatles. The writing credit is attributed to “Lennon/McCartney/Harrison/Starr”. It’s a simple 12-bar blues chord progression instrumental track, though it does include some chanting.

    It was rare for The Beatles to record instrumentals, and it was also rare for a song to be credited to all four members of the band.

    “Flying” was originally titled “Aerial Tour Instrumental”.

  8. Just wanted to stop by and wish you all a good day!

    BIG I LOVE YOU’S! to Madison and Montana! Proud of all your hard work girls! Keep it up, tonight we will getto see your big brother at ABHS in his play! Can’t wait!

    Break a leg Tyler!!

    Love you, mom and dad Mike

  9. Hey Mr. Alavaro ! Remember me ?? Sierra Mize from last year ? Well just stopped by on the page … i love it .. it looks awesome . I really miss the class ! It was so much fun ! Well just thought i’d stop by and say ‘hi’ .

  10. Beatles news:

    Talk about big music news: Paul McCartney’s son James says he would consider forming The Beatles — The Next Generation with Sean Lennon, Dhani Harrison and Zak Starkey (Ringo Starr’s son).

    “I don’t think it’s something that Zak wants to do,” he told the BBC. “Maybe Jason [another of Starr’s sons and also drummer] would want to do it. I’d be up for it. Sean seemed to be into it, Dhani seemed to be into it. I’d be happy to do it.”

    Read more:

  11. Maddie and Tanna have a great day I love you and am very proud of you both!

    We all send our love!

    Mom,Dad Mikey, Ty, Sarah, Stefen, Meggie, Rachel, Samantha,grandma Nancy ,Wagner & Cinnamon! xox

  12. This weeks Beatles fact:

    On 30 January 1969, the Beatles performed an unannounced live concert on the roof top of their Apple headquarters in 3 Savile Row, London. The show lasted 42 minutes, and the group performed live versions of Get Back, I’ve Got A Feeling , The One After 909, Dig A Pony and Don’t Let Me Down. It was a cold and windy day in London, and John Lennon complained that his hands were too cold to play the chords.

  13. Hello, just wanted to stop, HOP, by and wish you all a VERY happy Easter! It’s been pretty good weather out so I hope you are all enjoying it! Get ready to find those hidden eggs! Mr. Alvaro, you are an awesome teacher so happy the girls have you! THANKYOU, for all you do. Special ‘shout out’ to Mr. M! The Spring Concert was so well done, they have made great strides, THANKYOU for your hard word and dedication to the children and to the art of music. Thankyou again!

    Madison and Montana, just wanted to tell you how much we love you! We are all so very proud of you and all you do! You have many great talents and you will go far! All our love, Mom, Michael,Tyler, Sarah, Wagner, Emma, Cinnamon xoxox

  14. This weeks Beatles fact:

    Eleanor Rigby’s grave is located in the graveyard of St Peter’s Parish Church in Woolton, Liverpool, within yards of the spot where John and Paul met for the first time in 1957. However, the song Eleanor Rigby has according to Paul McCartney nothing to do with this gravestone. McCartney has said the name Rigby is taken from a shop in Bristol and that Eleanor is taken from actress Eleanor Brown, who starred in the Beatles movie Help!

  15. Dad,

    I love you very much and thank you for coming in today! We all enjoyed the 2 good stories you read us. I didn’t even know you were coming in. Also, I love the BEATLES very much and when I go to your house, I want to know if you can maybe also play the SEABURG JUKE BOX when I come………. Happy Easter and I hope you have an awesome time on your trip to Indianopoilis!


    tana and maddie

  16. Hello to Mr. Alvaro’s class.

    I wanted to thank you all for making me feel at home in your classroom today. I hope you all enjoyed the stories I read today and look forward in being invited in the near future. I promised Madison and Montana on their request, to read a Beatles story next time.

    Enjoy your Easter Break and be safe.

    Mr. J

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