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*Special Schedule

*Snack Time


*Mr. Phil Schedule

*Blogging Guidelines

Special’s Schedule


Literacy Support    8:50 -9:30

Library 1:30



Art  9:30 – 10:10

Computer Lab  10:30-11:30


Gym  9:50- 10:30


Tech  8:50 – 9:20


Music    1:30 – 2:10




Snack Time

Each day around 10:00, we eat a snack.

This needs to be something HEALTHY!

Absolutely no chocolate, cookies, or candy.

Some suggestions include the following:

string cheese, yogurt, , fruit snacks/roll-ups, cheese and crackers, cut up fruit or veggies,

animal crackers, gold fish, graham crackers,

vanilla/butterscotch pudding, cheese-itz, granola bars, and applesauce

Students may bring in a juice box to drink during snack time.

They are also welcome to bring in a water bottle to keep

at their desks to drink throughout the day.

Again I want to give Mrs. Short a shout out for her great idea here.


In fifth grade students explore the universe beyond the sun, moon, and Earth and describe the position, motion, and relationship of the planets and other objects in the sky to the sun. Students will also be introduced to human biology in which students develop an understanding of the main function of specialized animal systems (digestive, circulatory, respiratory, skeletal, muscular, nervous, excretory, and reproductive). Later in the year, students will learn about force and motion through conducting scientific investigations.



They can also find the spelling words posted each Monday on The Skinny.

Most  Mondays, but not all, the kids will get a spelling packet that contains the week’s spelling words.  They will be tested on the first ten words on the list and another ten which I give them for a total of twenty words.    The packets are due completed the following Thursday.


In the history component  we will look at the following themes:    Three Worlds Meet, Colonization and Settlement, Life in Colonial America, Road to Revolution, The American Revolution and A New Nation.

Our theme for the year is called “The Story of Us “.

For Social Studies this year we will be focusing in on the four core components of social studies.   We will focus in on the civics, economics, geography and  history of the United States.

Social Studies


Mr. Phil’s Schedule:

Here is the schedule for Mr. Phil this year.   




























Now that you have set up your blogs and are ready to go, there are some rules you need to follow.  The following are some Blogging Guidelines for Students.

  1. Only post things that you would want everyone (in school, at home, in other countries) to know. Ask yourself: Is this something I want everyone to see?
  2. Do not share personal information.  Ask yourself: Could someone find me (in real life) based on this information?
  3. Think before you post.  Ask yourself: What could be the consequences of this post?
  4. Know who you’re communicating with.  Ask yourself: Who is going to look at this, and how are they going to interpret my words?
  5. Consider your audience. Ask yourself: Do I have a good reason/purpose to do this?
  6. Know how to give constructive feedback. Ask yourself: What will I cause by writing this post?
  7. Treat other people the way you want to be treated. Ask yourself: Would I want someone to say this to me?
  8. Use appropriate language and proper grammar and spelling. Ask yourself: Would I want this post to be graded for proper grammar and spelling?
  9. Only post information that you can verify is true (no gossiping). Ask yourself: Is this inappropriate, immature or bullying?
  10. Anytime you use media from another source, be sure to properly cite the creator of the original work. Ask yourself: Who is the original creator of this work?

Commenting Guidelines

As a blogger, you will be commenting on other people’s work regularly. Good comments:

  • are constructive, but not hurtful;
  • consider the author and the purpose of the post;
  • are always related to the content of the post;
  • include personal connections to what the author wrote;
  • answer a question, or add meaningful information to the content topic;
  • follow the writing process. Comments are a published piece of writing.

Student Blogging Guidelines by Kim Cofino



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  1. Please put more Beatles facts every Monday please. Mr. Alvaro reads them and so do me and Montana. We love you, We miss you!!!!!!!!!!

  2. True Beatles fact: The Original working title for the song “Yesterday” was actually “Scrambled Eggs”. Later to be titled to “yesterday”

    Twin Girls Dad. 😉

    Yes. Hi… Ummm you could let us have candy @ the end of day b4 we all go home so it wouldnt be you’re ummm problem….smart rightttt?

  4. I hope it is going to be a good year! I hope to get good grades and do all my work! Plus,good behavior. So far Mr. Alvero is the best teacher ever!

  5. I”m going to enjoy my new year! And it is nice to be back at Lottie M. Schmidt. Montana is also glad to be here. W e hope to get good grades!

  6. Dear year 5 superstar

    Do know that we always have recess at 10.30 and lunch at 12.50 and you might have it a different time.

    From Alexis

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