Catch a leaf.


That’s it. 


Just go out and catch a leaf.


You can’t pick one up, you gotta catch it before it hits the ground.



Bring it in and tape it to our wall and you will get this really cool certificate Mrs. A made.


If you want to know the history behind this challenge click on this sentence.

Otherwise, go out and catch a leaf.

I hope to get mine tomorrow.




I finally caught my leaf.

A few years ago, Lexi, a girl in my class, came in from recess all excited and told me that she just caught a leaf.  She was standing there when this leaf floated down from the sky in front of her and she grabbed it.

I thought that was kind of cool so when I got home I parked myself under my big oak tree and waited.  It wasn’t too long before a bunch of leafs came floating down towards me.   I didn’t catch one.  It’s harder to catch a leaf than you would think.  But I didn’t give up and I finally caught my leaf.

I’ve caught one every year since.  I’ve caught about six so far this year.

Now it’s your turn.  Go out there and catch a leaf.  Grab your mom or dad, grab a friend, whoever and go get your leaf.   Catch two if you like and then hit the comment button and tell me all about it.