test 2

I found a site called tuxpi.com that we might be able to use with our blog to make our pictures just a pinch more interesting.   You can upload any picture you want to the site and then play around with them a bit to get something a little different.  Here’s a picture of  Emma I uploaded and tried some effects with.




We had dozens of  people who entered our first caption contest but we can only have one winner.

Mrs. Alvaro picked this weeks winner.  It was Levi from New Zealand.

Congratulation Levi.

Mr. Baker from New Zealand will post our next picture.  Keep your eyes peeled for it.


The winner is….
Levi….”It was him not me.”

Emma 2

Wow, after all the cool comments I got from the last Emma slideshow I put together I decided to put together another slideshow for your viewing enjoy, that and the fact I am her grandpa.


Spelling – December 7th

1.  New World

2.  Age of Exploration

3.   explorer

4.  archeologist

5.  astrolabe

6.  tobacco

7.  Europeans

8.  tools

9.  Atlantic Ocean

10.  Europe

11. admirable

12. affordable

13. changeable

14. comfortable


16. enjoyable

17. likable

18. livable

19. lovable

20. movable

21. readable


23. remarkable

24. renewable







She Did It Again!

I’m sorry.  I am not sure how she did it but somehow Emma was able to get her pictures on the Skinny.  I’ve told you before about her being a genius baby (This is an inherited trait, by the way.) I’ve told her to stop doing this but she doesn’t listen to me.



Stephanie just called and it’s official.  She’s going to have a baby in June and since she’s going to have a baby that makes me a grandpa again.   I already have two beautiful grand babies.  You met Emma earlier this year and hopefully Julia will stop by sometime next year to say hello too.

It’s too early to tell but I know its going to be a girl.

Now it’s time for you to put on your thinking caps.  They need some names.  Next week on the Skinny we will share some cool first names with Stephanie and Chris.




With all the kids out sick today, this poem is perfect for us to learn this week.

Shel Silverstein wrote it and Emma typed it up for us.


I tried to catch a cold

As he went running past

On a damp and chilly

Afternoon in autumn.

I tried to catch a cold,

But he skittered by so fast

That I missed him- But I’m glad to hear you caught him.