Welcome to fifth grade.  You made it.  Who knew?

Well if your looking for a great place to learn a lot of cool things, you can stop looking because this is the place where you are going to learn a lot of cool things.  This year is going to be so totally awesome.

We got a busy day today, so busy in fact, that you will probably end up with some homework.

This is our class blog.

It’s called The Skinny.   Your first bit of work today is to hit the comment button and tell me why you think I named it that. 

The Skinny is…

– a journal of what’s going on in our classroom.

– a way to showcase our writing and all we learn.

– a place for each student to individually express themselves.

– a collection of links to other like minded sites.

-a place to talk about our learning with each other, our family and students around the world.

-a place to have fun and share what we do.

It’s that and much, much, more. 




Wow, did our day fly by or what.happy_face

We had a great time.

Remember tomorrow is a full day.

It starts at 8:36 and goes to 3:32.

Your homework for tonight is to learn your poem “Put Something In” by Friday.

Take a look at our class picture.  I think you are a pretty good looking bunch of kids.

Picture 008