Abz Scoop

house 006 No need to fear Abby is here and boy do I have        some things to tell you.

The Little Ceasars pizza kit money is do on Friday.

Tomorrow is the last day to donate some change for Haiti.

Study up because we have a science test and spelling test tomorrow.

Are spelling packet is do tomorrow.

For lunch tomorrow it will be crazy cheesy bread sticks. They taste awesome.

Well thats all I have to say for now bye.

Amy's Scoop

Click! Today was picture day. Everyone had a big smile on there faces. Everyone Picturegot dressed up fancy. It was great!

After that  we went to math and learned about decimals.  It was easy!

In music were having a Christmas play called T’was the Night Before Christmas.   I like the play and I  think everyone else  does too!

After we got back from music we did social studies.   Were learning about our rights,  rule of law, and Core Democratic Values.  It was very interesting.   Well that’s enough about social studies.

Now 3 – 5 – 7.  Everyone is trying  to beat Mr. Alvaro but they have to remember that they have to beat 10 people before they try to beat Mr. Alvaro.

Like Abby said in the last scoop yesterday about the book Loser it’s so good that people can’t stop reading it!  Tomorrow I believe that were going to do the American flag project.  I can’t wait!!!

In class Mr. Alvaro has a stuffed hand on a stick and people seem to enjoy that!

Well that’s enough for today!