Tony’s New Game of The Day

 Hi it’s Tony with the new game of the day. todays game is one of my favorite games. Today’s game is The World’s Hardest Game. It is a very fun game. How you play it is you’re the red box and you have a different track every round. The objective of the game is to reach the end of the track without hitting the blue dots. If you do hit one of the blue dots, you will have to start the track again. Now, the reason I like this game is that it’s very addicting and it will keep you busy for hours. That’s all for today’s new game of the day. tune in tomorrow for tomorrow’s new game of the day. 

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 Hi it’s Tony and Gina with today’s new game of the day. Today’s game is called B Cubed. It’s a very fun game and we both like B Cubed alot. What the game’s about is you’re the cube and what you need to do is try to get to the red block (or the finish line) but the trick is, there are gray blocks and you have to cover every block before you can go to the red block. Come back to The Skinny tomorrow to find out tomorrow’s New Game Of The Day.



Dear Mr. Alvaro, 

          My name is Genevieve Ihns.  Tony is my brother.While my brother was sleeping. I took Mr. Phil and played with him , I hope thats ok. I made him a WII character, and pretended he was catching our frogs. He played a Nintendo DS and a IPOD. I dressed him up in baby outfit but Tony did not like that. I also pushed him around in my stroller. I taped a beard and mustache on him, and he looked funny. I hope I didn’t bother you, or I did’nt get Tony in trouble.