Here is a list of this weeks words.  The wordle is by the lovely Amy and Anthony typed in our words.


1. ability

2. abilities

3. enemy


5. victory

6. victories

7. liberty

8. liberties

9. berry

10. berries

11. dairy

12. diaries

13. entry

14. entries

15. industry

16. industries

17. gocery

18. groceries

19. property

20. properties



Well, you have three spelling tests under your belt.  How’s it going?  Is the way you study working or is it time for a new plan?

The Lions weren’t doing so hot so they came up with a new plan and look what’s happening?   They won a game and are doing much better.

What about you?  Time to change your plan?

First click on the dot that best reflects how you did on last week’s test.  Then hit the comment button and leave a comment on how you plan to pass this week’s spelling test.