Welcome to The Skinny, our 5th grade class blog.

This year’s class is made up of  bunch of incredibly creative boys and girls here at Lottie Schmidt Elementary.   We are located a few miles northeast of Detroit in the city of Chesterfield Township, which is located in the great state of Michigan, one of the 50 states in the United States of American, located on the continent of North America, one of seven continents on the planet known as Earth, in a solar system that is  somewhere in the Milky Way Galaxy.



Our blog is:

– a journal of what’s going on in our classroom.

– a way to showcase our writing and all we learn.

– a place for each student to individually express themselves.

– a collection of links to other like minded sites.

-a place to talk about our learning with each other, our family and students around the world.

-a place to have fun and share what we do.

A special thanks to Mr. Toft for sharing the idea above.

3 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. Looking around the web for some good 5th grade level Teacher sites for resources to help my grandson who is a 5th grader. Your site was in the top contenders for 2012, so I wanted to take a look and visit.

    Thank you for being a teacher and for giving so much each and everyday to your students.
    Best regards,
    M. White

  2. I love the 50 states that rhyme, but I think you should have a class competition to see which Lottie student is the fastest at it 🙂

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