Julie’s aunt Susan

Julie’s aunt stopped by and shared a great story holiday story.  Tree of Cranes is a story about a young Japanese boy who’s mother shares childhood memories of her Christmas’s when she was younger living in California.



What is your families favorite holiday tradition???

Post a comment and let me know what you think!!

I will go first!!!

On Christmas Eve we all eat a yummy dinner and then go to a late movie just the 5 of us!!! It is special and rare to have us all together at one time!!!

Polar Express

See full size image

All aboard!!!! Tickets please!!!

Last Friday we had our Polar Express party in the gym. The children rotated between three stations. We listened to the Polar Express story on a full size train that we created, drank hot chocolate and ate a cookie and finally made a reindeer ornament.

A Peek at the week

Spelling-due to the short week we will not have a spelling unit.

Pancake breakfast Dec. 23rd-To celebrate the holiday’s we will have a pancake breakfast with sausage and some other treats. We will play a game, make a craft and have a book exchange. Please remember to send in a wrapped book for either a boy or a girl. The children will still be eating lunch at the regular time it is also an early release day-children will be dismissed at 1:30.

Social Studies Test- Celebrations around the world test will be on Tuesday. review sheet and the packet went home on Friday.

Troy Museum-Money for the Troy Museum was due on Friday. Please send it in this week if you have not already done so!!!

I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!! Enjoy your time off-I know I will!!!

Secret Santa Shoppe

Today we were very excited to shop for our family and friends. The children took their time choosing the best gift for the holidays.


A Peek At The Week

It is amazing that we only have 2 1/2 weeks left until Christmas break!! Time flies and before we know it, it will be 2010.

Spelling words for the week are:

  1. way
  2. find
  3. use
  4. may
  5. water

Please continue practicing old words, as they will show up on future tests.

Early Release day on Tuesday, Dec. 8th.

The school will be having their Santa Shop this week -our day to shop is Friday, Dec. 11th

Book fair is next week (Dec 14th-18th) We will be able to shop and browse on our library day (Tue. 15th) The children can also shop the book fair during SANTA NIGHT on Thursday,  Dec. 17th

Celebrations around the World-We will be ending our social studies unit on Wednesday,  Dec. 16th in the AM with a huge celebration in the gym. we will be traveling around the world tasting and making things from different countries. The children need to bring slippers to school that day so we can put their shoes outside the classroom for the German tradition.

Polar express party-Friday, December 18th-Every year the 2nd grader’s have a polar express party. The children listen to the story, make and ornament, and eat cookies and hot chocolate. They children get to wear their PJ’s to school that day and bring in their most precious item to take on the huge train that we will build in the gym.

Pancake Breakfast last day of school Wed., Dec. 23rd-We will have a pancake breakfast and book exchange for the children the last day of school to celebrate the holiday. If you would like to help with the cooking send me a note!!! That day is also an Early release day!!

Celebrations around the World

Pack your bags and take a trip with us around the world. Today we started our new social studies unit, learning about holiday traditions around the world. We will travel to 11 countries, including our own and learn about their holiday traditions.

We will travel to Sweden, Holland England, Germany,  France, Italy, China, Australia, Mexico, Africa and finally the USA.

Second grade will end the unit with a celebrations around the world party on Wed. Dec. 16th.-please look for the note for supplies and volunteers!!!