A Peek at the Week

Treasure Box-Hopefully everyone is enjoying making their Treasure Boxes for Tuesday. I can’t wait to see all the boxes. We are going to read our first Book Treasure on Wednesday. A 5×7 envelope will come home with the treasure and a retelling sheet. Please return the envelope and retelling sheet by Friday  The treasure goes in the box.

Spelling-This weeks words focus on vowel suffixes (suffixes which begin with a vowel-ing, er, est, y). When a vowel suffix is added to a base  word ending in a single consonant, the vowel suffix jumps over the consonant and makes the vowel say its own name. In order to protect the short vowel sound in the base word, we double the final consonant.

  1. getting
  2. betting
  3. sitting
  4. sitter
  5. hotter
  6. hottest
  7. fitting
  8. fitted
  9. sunny
  10. humming
  11. hummed
  12. boxer
  13. bedding
  14. mapping
  15. mapped
  16. pushed
  17. pulled
  18. into

Science-We are beginning our first science unit on magnets this week. Take a look at this magnet  website- it goes over much of what we are studying this month.


Library-Don’t forget your library book on Thursday.

Muffins with Mom-Please join us on Thursday from 7:45-8:30 for a muffin and some milk!!! Can’t wait to see you there!!

Book Orders-Book orders are due on Friday. Scholastic books are a great way to build your home library.