A Peek at the Week-November 29th

Spelling-This week we are reviewing concepts taught so far this year. Short vowel words, complex beginnings and endings, long vowel using silent e,
1. wet
2. wit
3. shot
4. dill
5. hedge
6. tact
7. welt
8. tapping
9. stalk
10. drag
11. grasp
12. banish
13. date
14. nine
15. hive

Math-We will begin reviewing for unit 3 test on Friday. Look for review sheet to come home on Tuesday. Concepts that will be covered on the test are:
1. frames and arrows with 2 rules
2. making change
3. basic subtraction 0-18
4. Time- both reading a clock and putting hands on a clock
5. place value-ones, tens and hundreds place. Being able to read base 10 blocks-flats, rods and cubes.
6. Showing money in 2 different ways using Q,D,N and P

Social Studies-Today we started our celebrations around the world unit. We will cover holiday traditions from all around the world. On 12-15 we will have a large celebration in the gym with the whole 2nd grade. Look for a sign up sheet to come home soon!!

Polar Express Celebration on Friday, December 17th in the afternoon. We will take a ride on the Polar Express and listen to the famous story, make a craft, drink hot chocolate and eat yummy cookies!!!

Early Release Day- Thursday, December 2nd. Children will be released at 1:30.

Video Conference

Tuesday afternoon we had the opportunity to meet a 2nd grade class from Startzville Elem. in Texas! We shared our disguised turkeys and a few of our fantasy stories. We also had a chance to ask them some questions about their community. Believe it or not it’s in the 80’s in Texas right now! I am very jealous.

2nd Grade Feast

Today we had our second grade feast. Everyone brought in a vegetable to put in our turkey soup! It was delicious!!!! We also had stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn bread, pumpkin muffins and last but not least pumpkin pie!!!

Thank you to all the families that donated food to make our feast possible!!! And a big thank you to the mom’s and grandma’s that helped serve us!!

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Classroom Helpers

Every Wednesday morning my mom “grandma” or Mrs. Barker comes in to help the children with projects. Today the children made fact family turkeys to hang in the hall. They love  going out in the hall and working with her!!

Classroom Store

A big thank you to Mrs. Sant for coming in and running the school store. The children were very excited to spend their Eagle Bucks!! One of the favorite purchases today was buying gum and being able to chew it in the afternoon.

Virtual Field Trip

Tomorrow we will be watching  a thirty minute online field trip to meet a Pilgrim and a Wampanoag—straight from Plimoth Plantation.

The children are very excited to see how life was in 1621. and learn about the trials and triumphs of pilgrim life.

Hide the Turkey

Last week we read the story  The Plump and Perky Turkey.  The children worked really hard and decorated “hid” their  own turkey. Next week we are going to participate in a long distance learning experience with a 2nd grade classroom in Texas. We will be sharing our turkey’s with eachother and sharing stories written about them.

Take a peek at all our turkeys!!

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