A Peek at the Week-Nov. 8th

Spelling-This weeks words focus on the silent e. When a silent e is added to the end of a closed syllable, it gives away its power and makes the vowel in front of it say its name. The e, however, stays silent.

Please continue to practice spelling words nightly!!

  1. bones
  2. drive
  3. hole
  4. tone
  5. stone
  6. lake
  7. late
  8. life
  9. line
  10. mile
  11. mine
  12. plane
  13. place
  14. quite
  15. ride
  16. minutes
  17. divided
  18. sometimes

Naked turkey-Hopefully all our naked turkey will come in on Monday. We will be using these turkeys during Writing Workshop and for a video conference with another class in Texas.

No school-There will be no school on Thursday for records day.

Conference Slips-Please send back the conference slips so we can hopefully accomodate the time and date you request. If you do not send back the slip I will have to assign a time for you.

Book Orders-Please send in your book order sheets by Nov. 12th.