Telling Time Game

We have been working on telling time. We need to be able to tell time in 5 minute intervals-and right now it is a little challenging for most of us.  Thanks to Mrs. Short for finding a time game!!!  Just click on the picture below to get to the website. Once there, click on level 3, that is the level that has the 4 different types of time that we practiced in class.

A Peek at the Week

Spelling- This week we are continuing learning about the magnetic silent e.  When a silent e is added to the end of a closed syllable, it gives away its power and makes the vowel in front say its name. The e, however, stays silent.

This weeks words are:

  1. rope
  2. rule
  3. safe
  4. save
  5. scale
  6. shape
  7. side
  8. size
  9. smile
  10. cube
  11. include
  12. tube
  13. waves
  14. wide
  15. wife
  16. someone    TRICKy word cue: some + one
  17. clothes        TRICKy word cue: the silent e makes the vowel long and gives a voiced sound to the /th/
  18. whose          TRICKy word cue: spell who + se

Conferences- Conferences are set for Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon and evening.  I am looking forward to meeting with all families to discuss your childs progress.

Half Day Thursday- Children will be released at 12:00

2nd grade Feast-We will be having our 2nd grade feast on Monday, November 22nd. Please look for donation sheets to come home this Monday. I am also asking that all families send in a cup of  cut up vegetables for our soup that we will be making Monday morning.