A Peek at the Week-November 29th

Spelling-This week we are reviewing concepts taught so far this year. Short vowel words, complex beginnings and endings, long vowel using silent e,
1. wet
2. wit
3. shot
4. dill
5. hedge
6. tact
7. welt
8. tapping
9. stalk
10. drag
11. grasp
12. banish
13. date
14. nine
15. hive

Math-We will begin reviewing for unit 3 test on Friday. Look for review sheet to come home on Tuesday. Concepts that will be covered on the test are:
1. frames and arrows with 2 rules
2. making change
3. basic subtraction 0-18
4. Time- both reading a clock and putting hands on a clock
5. place value-ones, tens and hundreds place. Being able to read base 10 blocks-flats, rods and cubes.
6. Showing money in 2 different ways using Q,D,N and P

Social Studies-Today we started our celebrations around the world unit. We will cover holiday traditions from all around the world. On 12-15 we will have a large celebration in the gym with the whole 2nd grade. Look for a sign up sheet to come home soon!!

Polar Express Celebration on Friday, December 17th in the afternoon. We will take a ride on the Polar Express and listen to the famous story, make a craft, drink hot chocolate and eat yummy cookies!!!

Early Release Day- Thursday, December 2nd. Children will be released at 1:30.

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