Tacky the Penguin

We read the story Tacky the Penguin earlier in January. It is a wonderful story about an “odd” bird that was not afraid to be himself!!! We had a great time making our own Tacky’s. Everyone in our class is very special!!! Take a peek at us!!


Peek at the Week-January 31st

SPELLING-This week we will be concentrating on the 2nd half of unit 14. We are continuing with the long e pattern. The word are as follows:

  1. really
  2. repeated
  3. reason
  4. sea
  5. seat
  6. speak
  7. stream
  8. should
  9. their
  10. there

MATH-We are finishing up unit 5 this week. Reviewing will begin on Tuesday with the test planned on Friday. Review sheets will start coming home Tuesday.

SCIENCE-The weather unit is wrapping up this week also. The test is planned for Thursday. Review sheet and all handouts from this unit will come home Tuesday.

EARLY RELEASE DAY-The children will be released at 1;30 on Thursday, February 3rd.

VALENTINE PARTY-We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Monday, February 14th. Notes are coming home on Monday for donations and name list for cards.



Earier this week we learned about homophones. Words that sound the same, spelled different and mean something different. We read a funny book called Dear Deer.

Clever Aunt Ant has just moved to the zoo. Speaking in homophones, she describes the quirky animal behavior she sees. There’s the MOOSE who loved MOUSSE and ATE EIGHT bowls, and the WHALE who was ALLOWED to WAIL ALOUD—and that’s just for starters.
     This playful picture book introduces children to the richness of language through the concept of homophones. A romp through the zoo has never been so eye-opening.
Dear Deer: A Book of Homophones
Brendan-I got my eye on you man.
Marquis-I faught the knight in the night time.
Ashley-I saw a hole in the ground and next to it is a whole lot of cotton candy.
Jaiden-I read a red book at my cabin up north.
Kayla P.-Dear dad I saw a deer up south.
Ranata-In a hour me and our friendsare going shopping for some anchovies.
Maggie-Aunt did you squish that ant?
Zoey-I buy a book and the author is by Cam Jansen.


This week we learned how to write a simile to enhance our writing. We read the book Crazy like a fox a simlie story.

Crazy Like a Fox: A Simile Story

After the story we tried writing our own. The kids came up with some really good ones!

James-You work as hard as a bear.

P.J.-You’re as buzzy as a bee.

Lexi-You sleep like a rock.

Nichole-Its as dark as the night.

Jenna-It’s as blue as the ski.

Christian-Wild like a monkey.

Drake-Red as a firetruck.

Lindsey-It was as aquamarine as a dolphin.

Kayla K.-Your hair is as glod as honey.

Jaiden L.-It was as red as a volcano.

Water Conservation Presentation

Yesterday the MSU extension came in to do a water conservation presentation. They talked about  the water cycle, how water is cleaned and what we can do conserve water. The kids really enjoyed their visit.



The Mitten

Today we read the story The Mitten by Jan Brett. A Ukrainian boy named Nicki wants his grandmother Baba to knit snow-white mittens for him. She warns her grandson that a white mitten will be hard to find if he loses it in the snow, but of course he promptly does just that! What happens next is the surprising part, as a mole takes refuge in the lost mitten, then a rabbit, then a hedgehog, an owl, a badger, and a fox. If you think the mitten might be a wee bit stretched out at this point, just wait: “Then a big bear sniffed at the mitten. The animals were packed in tight, but the bear didn’t care. He crawled in anyway.” When a tiny mouse squeezes in, her whiskers tickle the bear’s nose. He sneezes, and “Aaaaa-aaaaa-ca-chew!” all the animals fly out of their crocheted cave. As the mitten sails through the air, Nicki spots it, reclaims it, and takes it home to show his smiling Baba.

Take a listen to our story!

The Miten

A Peek at the Week-January 24th


SPELLING-Spelling test for Unit 14 week 1 words will be Tuesday January 25th-because of the short weeks!!. We will have the pre-test for Week 2 words next Monday, January 31st.

SCIENCE-This week we are having the MSU extension coming in to do a water conservation program. We are learning about the water cycle and different types of cloud formations this week. Look for a review sheet to come home the beginning of next week-test is on Wednesday February 2nd.

MATH-We are also finishing up the geometry unit this week and reviewing   next week.  Test is scheduled for Friday, February 4th.

GYM-Please remember to send in gym shoes every Tuesday!!! The children are not able to participate without proper footware.