Spring Fling Basket

Our annual Spring Fling is quickly approaching!! Notes came home today regarding the raffle baskets. Second grade’s basket is “Spa for Mom.” The collection basket will be in our hallway after Easter Break and will be ready for donations. Children can start bringing in items and putting them out there. Suggestions for the basket include: lotions, soaps, candles, body scrub, bubble bath, wooden massager, soothing sounds CD, etc. This basket could include anything to help pamper mom. The date of the Spring Fling is May 19th. Thanks in advance for your donations!!!!

A Peek at the Week

SPELLING-This week week we are finishing unit 19.Vowel dipthongs are vowel teams that have neither long vowel sounds nor short vowel sounds. The next 2 weeks, we will focus on the ou and ow. Both of these dipthongs signal the same sound, the “ow” sound. Ou is the spelling used at the beginning and middle of words; ow is the spelling used at the end of words. However, ow is also used before l, er, and n.

  • Week 2
  • thousands
  • mound
  • round
  • sound
  • town
  • flowers
  • powder
  • our
  • vowel
  • crowd

Even though this week is a short week-we will have our spelling test on Friday.

MATH-We are finishing up Unit 7 this week. We will start reviewing on Thursday and Friday with the test for unit 7 scheduled on Monday, May 2nd.

SCIENCE-This week we are starting our animal units. Every week we will be studying a different type of animal. Our first unit will be amphibians followed by reptiles, fish, birds and finally mammals. After each unit there will be a quiz. 

 POETRY READING- We will be holding our classroom poetry reading on Wednesday. Please make sure your child practices his/her poem!! The school wide poetry contest will be held on Friday, April 29th.