Last week we had our annual walk-a-thon to raise money for our school. We showed great team spirit by wearing our team color!!!

The kids had a wonderful time walking inspite of the rain and puddles!!

A Peek at the week

SPELLING-this week we are continuing with the long o sound words from unit 21. This will be our last week of spelling!!! It is hard to believe the year is coming to an end!!!

MATH-End of the year assesment will be given this week. Study guides came home last week!!!

ANIMAL REPORT-We are continuing our animal reports this week. We are also using the research we gathered for a project in computer lab!!!

ZOO TRIP-Our 2nd grade zoo trip is on Thursday. Please dress for the  weather we go rain or shine. Pack a sack lunch for the children with  all disposable items.

On a personal note-I will be out of town most of the week(Tues-Fri) My youngest daughter Maddy-placed 2nd in the state for Destination Imagination. We are traveling down to Knoxville, TN to compete in the Global competition. The kids (and coaches…me!!) are very excited about the trip!! Mrs. Emery will be my sub for most of the week (Zoo trip)-she is very familiar with our room and went on the zoo trip last year(Globals seems to fall on the same week every year). If you need to contact me- e-mail me at: amy.laidlaw@fraserk12.org  my e-mails go straight to my phone!!

If you want to check out the globals site click on the photo below-it is a pretty amazing event (this is the 4th time Maddy’s team has made it)



Tomorrow we are going to try something new in computer lab!!! Everyone is going to create a glog about the animal they chose to do their report on. Take a look at my sample!!


A Peek at the Week

SPELLING-Concept: Long O spelling

The best spelling for the long o sound at the end of words is ow. The ow spelling can be used at the beginning or middle of words if it is before l, er, n. We remember this as the L-ER-N (learn) principle.


  •  below
  • flow
  • grow
  • show
  • window
  • blow
  • low
  • row
  • snow
  • yellow

Week 2

  • own
  • slowly
  • elbow
  • shown
  • following
  • owe
  • through
  • their
  • there
  • too

MATH-We are beginning to review for the end of the year assessment. Review sheets will start coming Tuesday. The first section of the test will be on Friday and the following two on Monday.

EARLY RELEASE DAY-Monday May 16th the children will be released at 1:30

SCIENCE-This week we are starting the bird unit. The test is planned for Friday, May 20th.

ANIMAL REPORT RESEARCH-We have been researching facts about the animal everyone chose for the past 2 weeks.  Please complete the research and send it back on Friday, May 20th so we can begin our report.

Writing-We have been working on adding voice to our writing, through show, don’t tell lessons and poetry.

Spring Concert

Last week we had our Spring Concert at the High School.

The kids did such a great job!!!

I especially loved the food theme!!

A Peek at the Week

SPELLING-We are working on the 2nd half of unit 20. This unit focuses on the long A sound. ay, a in an open syllable, and ai.

Week 2

  • details
  • paint
  • plains
  • sail
  • tail
  • wait
  • train
  • raised
  • afraid
  • sprayed

MATH-We have started studying unit 9.  Unit 9 focuses on different units of measurement. The children are learning to measure to the nearest 1/2 inch. In the middle of the unit we will stop and work on reviewing for the end of the year assessment.

SCIENCE-We have started our animal units. This week we will be learning about Fish!! Test is planned for Friday.

ANIMAL REPORT-Tomorrow we will start researching the animal we chose for our animal report in computer lab. Once we are done researching the children will create a poster using their research.