A Peek at the Week

SPELLING-Unit 20-We are learning that the best spellings for the long a sound are:

a  in an open syllable (paper)

a_e  when there is a consonant sound (raise)

ai  before l and n (sail, main)

ay  at the end (spray)


Week 1

  • away
  • clay
  • spray
  • pay
  • paper
  • main
  • contain
  • remain
  • retain
  • explain

Week 2

  • details
  • paint
  • plains
  • sail
  • tail
  • wait
  • train
  • raised
  • afraid
  • sprayed

MATH-Unit 7 test will be Monday. Review sheets came home last week. Unit 9 will start this week.

Science-We have started our animal unit last week. Amphibians is our first unit and the test is planned for Wednesday. The next classification we will be studying are fish.

Early Release-We have an early release day scheduled for Friday, May 6th. Students will be released at 1:30.

Zoo Field Trip-The field trip note came home last week. We can take as many parents that want to go. Please consider signing up-it’s a fun trip! We can not take parents on the bus, since all of 1st and 2nd grade will be riding the bus.