A Peek at the Week

SPELLING-We are working on the 2nd half of unit 20. This unit focuses on the long A sound. ay, a in an open syllable, and ai.

Week 2

  • details
  • paint
  • plains
  • sail
  • tail
  • wait
  • train
  • raised
  • afraid
  • sprayed

MATH-We have started studying unit 9.  Unit 9 focuses on different units of measurement. The children are learning to measure to the nearest 1/2 inch. In the middle of the unit we will stop and work on reviewing for the end of the year assessment.

SCIENCE-We have started our animal units. This week we will be learning about Fish!! Test is planned for Friday.

ANIMAL REPORT-Tomorrow we will start researching the animal we chose for our animal report in computer lab. Once we are done researching the children will create a poster using their research.