A Peek at the Week

SPELLING-Concept: Long O spelling

The best spelling for the long o sound at the end of words is ow. The ow spelling can be used at the beginning or middle of words if it is before l, er, n. We remember this as the L-ER-N (learn) principle.


  •  below
  • flow
  • grow
  • show
  • window
  • blow
  • low
  • row
  • snow
  • yellow

Week 2

  • own
  • slowly
  • elbow
  • shown
  • following
  • owe
  • through
  • their
  • there
  • too

MATH-We are beginning to review for the end of the year assessment. Review sheets will start coming Tuesday. The first section of the test will be on Friday and the following two on Monday.

EARLY RELEASE DAY-Monday May 16th the children will be released at 1:30

SCIENCE-This week we are starting the bird unit. The test is planned for Friday, May 20th.

ANIMAL REPORT RESEARCH-We have been researching facts about the animal everyone chose for the past 2 weeks.  Please complete the research and send it back on Friday, May 20th so we can begin our report.

Writing-We have been working on adding voice to our writing, through show, don’t tell lessons and poetry.