Pumpkin Math

Friday afternoon we had fun with some pumpkin math. In pairs the children weighed and measured different parts of their pie pumpkin.

Boogie Bones

Today we read a wonderful book called, Boogie Bones for our Book Treasure book. Boogie Bones, a skeleton who loves to dance, longs to show his stuff beyond the graveyard’s iron gates but is a little intimidated by people. One night he enters a dance contest at the Town Hall, disguising himself with a hat and tuxedo. All goes well until he launches into the lindy hop and wriggles and jiggles right out of his clothes. Onlookers are aghast to see a skeleton in their midst. Only a small girl is unafraid to dance with him, and her courage inspires everyone else to clap along. Your child should have brought home their envelope, retelling sheet, and a rubber skeleton. Please have your child write a written, detailed retelling of the story. Envelopes and retelling sheets are due back by Tuesday. The skeleton should be kept at home in their treasure boxes. If you would like to listen to the story again, just click on the title below.


Boogie Bones Podcast

Landform experiment

Today we did a great experiment with Miss Henigan!! We wanted to see what would happen to the soil on a hill when it rains. Our soil just had rocks and dried leaves on it. No plants or grass growing in it so the soil should not stay on the hill. Sure enought the soil ran down the hill with the water. Tomorrow we are going to see what happens to the soil if grass is growing on the hill. The goal of these two experiments is for the children to notice that roots from grass, plants or trees keep the soil from eroding when it rains on a hill.


Candy Corn Graphing

Today Ms. Ellie helped us with our candy corn graphing project. The kids got a cup of harvest mix and sorted out the candy pumpkins, candy corn and indian corn. They then had to graph and compare their results.

Muffins with Mom

Friday morning we had our annual Muffins with Mom celebration throughout the school. It was great to see so many families come and join in the fun!!!