A Peek at the Week

SPELLING- Unit 10 spelling words are: way, find, use, may, water. Please practice your spelling words nightly!

MATH-We are finishing up unit 3 this week. Look for review sheets to come home Thursday and Friday. Test is planned for Monday Dec. 5th.

SOCIAL STUDIES-We are finishing up our Then and Now social studies unit. We will be rieviewing Tuesday with the test planned for Wed., Nov 30th.

Starting Dec. 1st we will be studying Celebrations around the world. We will learn about holiday traditions from through out the world for the next 3 weeks. Our culminating activity will be a Celebrations around the World celebration in the gym with the entire 2nd grade in the morning on December 14th. A sheet came home asking for volunteer and donations for this amazing activity. Look for a confirmation sheet to come home shortly if you volunteered to send something in!

EARLY RELEASE DAY-Early release day is Wednesday Nov 30th at 1:30pm.

GRANDPARENTS & DONUTS-On Friday we will have a special grandparents breakfast before school. Have grandma and grandpa come enjoy a donut with our students beginning at 7:45 until school starts at 8:30.

POLAR EXPRESS PARTY-We are planning a Polar Express party on Dec. 21st. Look for a note to come home on this actvity!

Video Conference with Texas

Today we had a video conference with a second grade class at Axtell Elementary School in Texas. The children shared their disguised turkeys with eachother. Afterwards we had a chance to ask eachother questions about their school and community.

A Peek at the Week

This week is very short. We only have school Monday and Tuesday!


THANKSGIVING FEAST-Today we had our annual 2nd grade feast! The kids had a wonderful time making vegetable soup and homemade butter. We then shared some yummy Thanksgiving favorites along with our soup: mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberries, cornbread and of course pumpkin pie! Thank you to all our families that donated food items and moms and dads that came in to help serve!!!

DISGUISED TURKEY-Tomorrow we are having a long distance learning experience with a school in Texas. The children are going to show their turkeys and tell our new friends what they are disguised as. Hopefully we will have a chance to ask the other class questions about their school.



A Peek at the Week

SPELLING- This week our spelling words are: did, down, made, over, only. Please continue to work on spelling words nightly. Don’t forget to review old words, as they recycle through the tests.

DISGUISED TURKEY-Please remember to send in your disguised turkey on Monday. On Tuesday, November 22nd we are showing our turkeys to another 2nd grade classroom in Texas.

CONFERENCES-I am looking forward to meeting with all my parents this week. Conferences are scheduled for Wed. & Thurs. evening. Please let me know if you cannot make your scheduled time.

1/2 day on Thursday, November 17th-children will be released at 12:00

Landform Cookies

Wednesday we made a landform cookie and map that represented what we put on the cookie. The kids had a great time building and then eating their cookie!