A peek at the Week

SPELLING-Unit 27 spelling words are: last, never, us, left, end. Please practice your spelling words nightly.

READING-We have been refocusing using our comprehension skills in our writing. The children are very good at verbally expressing the comprehension skills we have been working on. We are now putting those thoughts and ideas into writing and making sure they make sense.

MATH-Unit 10 math test will be on Tuesday, May 1st.

SCIENCE-we have been studying plants for the past 2 weeks. We have planted control plants and are experimenting with changing 1 component of what helps a plant grow. To see how it affects plant growth.

WRITING-We have been working on a class report on the Grizzly Bear. The children and I are finding facts, sorting them and then we will turn them into a classbook.

Connecting to our reading

We have been working on making connections to our reading. The children learned about 3 types of connections: connection to self, concetion to text and connection to the world.

Take a peek at our connections!