A Peek at the Week

SPELLING-Speling words for the week are: right, look, think, also, around,  The skill this week is using spelling patterns you know to spell other words.

READING-As we continue working on comprehension skill during Daily 5, we are going to start learning how to discuss our feelings about books in the book club format.

MATH-one of the skills we be learning in unit 6 is double digit subtraction. This is a difficult skill for 2nd graders to master. Please practice this skill at home.

MATH STARS-This week we added quite a few children into the math stars club for addition!!! Keep up the good work! Next week we will focus on subtraction.

 WRITING-our new unit focuses on revision strategies. We are using what we learned in our craft unit from featured authors and trying to put those into our won writing.

Measuring Matters

This week we started our new science unit. With partners the children made life-size tracings of themselves and had to measure 6 parts of their body using a tape measure and unifix cubes. We detrmined that unifix cubes are not an accurate way to measure. 

Snowman at Night

Friday we had the opportunity to meet a classroom from a small rural town in New York via video conference. We shared our snowman pictures and read them three clues so they could guess what their snowman was doing during the night! 

Book Treasure homework option

Book treasure Homework option

Today we read the story The Wild Toboggan Ride for our book treasure. I am going to try something new with the response sheet from now on. I will still send home the response sheet to fill out like normal or your child can record their response on the blog in the comment section. Just write “blog” across the response sheet so I know to look it up on-line. Please look for the book on the blog and comment under the book.
If you have any questions just let me know!

I could not find a video so you need to look the book up under the categories tab on the lefthand side. Scroll to Book treasures and an audio version of the book treasure will be in the archives.


Snowmen at Night

Tomorrow we are going to read a really cute book called Snowmen at Night.  Have you ever wondered about the secret life of snowmen? Ever wondered what they do at night while we’re sleeping? Well, Caralyn and Mark Buehner have, and they even created a book to solve the mystery!


Next Friday we are going to participate in a video conference with a 2nd grade class in New York. We are going to come up with our own ideas of what our snowman will do at night and then write 3 clues for the other class to guess. We can’t wait to connect with New York!

MSU Extension Water Presentation

On Tuesday the MSU extension program came to teach us about water conservation. The children learned how precious water is and how they can help conserve it.