Flat Stanley visits Fraser

Flat Stanley

On Wednesday we are connecting to a school in Texas to participate in read across the planet. Mrs Cooper’s class is working on a Flat Stanley project and sent us one to take around Fraser. Take a peek at some of the things we have done with Stanley.


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A Peek at the Week

SPELLING-Spelling words for the week are: must, because, does, part, even. The skill for the week is contractions.

READING-Book club is going very well. Groups meet 2 to 3 times a week and what is happening in their book. Thank you for helping your child keep up with the reading logs. It really helps them be prepared for book club.

MATH- Mad Minute Stars-This week we will be working on our addition pacts. Last week we started unit 7. This unit focuses on patterns and rules to revelop readiness for multiplication and division,

SCIENCE-We are in our final week of our measuring unit. This week we are working with volume and mass.

MARCH IS READING MONTH-We are kicking off March is Reading Month on Friday. We are going to celebrate with green aggs and ham breakfast. Make sure to check out the special things we have planned for March.

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Book Treasure Stephanie’s Ponytail

Yesterday I read the story Stephanie’s Ponytail by Robert Munch. Stephanie likes to have her own look. So when her classmates begin copying her ponytail, she finds increasingly outrageous ways to wear her hair until she outsmarts the copycats.

Click on the book below to listen to the story on Robesrt Munch’s web site.