A Peek at the Week

SPELLING-This week we are working on Unit 22. The spelling words for the week are: again, off went, old, number. The skill for the week is contractions. Spelling tests have 16 words now. Please go back and study past words.

READING-In reading we are working on Main Idea’s of stories or passages. When your child fills out their main idea page for their reading log please make sure they are writing about the most important things that are happening . 

MATH-this week are are finishing up the fraction unit. Test is planned for this Friday. Review sheet came home today!

SOCIAL STUDIES-Needs and Wants test was planned for today. We were so engrossed with our writing unit….I totally forgot. Opps! We will have the test first thing tomorrow morning.

SCIENCE-We have started our planting unit. We will discover what plants need to survive and what they need to thrive.

WRITING-just before break we started another non-fiction unit. The children are going to write a book about what they are experts at. We have made the table of contents and are now writing our chapters. This week we are going to learn how to add in different text features to enhance our writing.


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