Book Treasure-Ira Sleeps Over

This week’s book treasure is the classic story Ira Sleeps Over. It is a really cute story about a little boy that can’t decide if he should take his teddy bear to a sleep over. Listen to see if Ira takes his teddy bear with him!

4 thoughts on “Book Treasure-Ira Sleeps Over

  1. Nathaniel Pearce says:

    This is the book Ira Sleeps Over.One day Ira was invited to Reggie’s house and she was scared and she couldn’t sleep with out her teddy bear.Then it was time to go to Reggie’s house and she still couldn’t figure out if she was going to bring her so she didn’t.When she got to Reggie’s house they started making plans for what they wanted to do for the night. After they played Reggie’s dad came in and said it was time for bed. Then they started telling ghost stories and Reggie pulled out his teddy bear so Ira decided she wanted her teddy bear. She went home and got her teddy bear and when she came back Reggie was sleeping. Then she laid down and went to sleep.

  2. LEXI says:

    Ira Sleep Over takes place at Ira’s house and Reggie’s house. The characters are Ira’s sister, Ira, Reggie, Fufu, and Tata. The story is about a little boy names Ira. He has a best friend named Reggie. Ira is sleeping over at Reggie’s house. Ira’s sister was picking on him about his teddy bear Tata. She thought Reggie was going to laugh at Ira for taking his teddy bear to the sleepover. Ira did not take his teddy bear to Reggie’s because he was scared Reggie would laugh. Reggie and Ira played office with his rubber stamps for a while. Then they played more games. Reggie’s dad came in and told them it was time for bed. Reggie told Ira a ghost story. Reggie was scared and he said he had to go get something. He pulled something out and Ira didn’t know what it was. Ira saw it was a teddy bear. Reggie told him his bears name was Fufu. Ira was scared so he said he had to go get something. He went back to his house and got his teddy bear. He went back to Reggie’s house. When Ira got back Reggie was fast asleep. Ira whispered good night to his teddy bear Tata.

    I learned to never be scared of showing your friends something or telling your friends something.


  3. Kasey says:

    Ira had a best friend that lived right next door. He was having a sleepover. Ira’s sister told him if he brought his stuffed animal with him he will laugh and make fun of Ira for having a stuffed animal especially with a baby name like ta-ta. Ira decided not to take his teddy bear to the sleepover with him. When he was there they started telling ghost stories in bed. Ira noticed that his friend had to get his teddy bear out of the drawer. His teddy bears name was foo-foo. Ira said he would be right back and went home to get ta-ta. When he got back to the sleepover his friend was already asleep with his teddy bear. Ira went to sleep also cuddling his teddy.

  4. Jordan says:

    Ira Sleeps Over is about when Ira was invited to sleep over his friends house. He wanted to take his teddy bear but his sister said that his friend would make fun of him. His mom and dad said that he wouldn’t but Ira decided not to take it. When he got to his friends they played with all his toys. When it was time to go to bed, his friend told a ghost story. When he was done he got his teddy bear and climbed into bed. ira went home to get his bear too. When he got back, his friend was already asleep.

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