Stephanie’s Ponytail

Tomorrow we are going to read one of my favorite authors…Robert Munsch! My own girls used to love listening to his stories.

We are going to listen to Stephanie’s Ponytail. Stephanie just wanted to go to school with a ponytail. But first the other kids make fun of her hairstyle, and then they all decide to wear their hair the same way. Each time Stephanie changes her hairstyle, she is berated (Ugly, ugly, very ugly!) and then copied. But Stephanie get even with them! She tells them she will shave her head, and sure enough… everyone shows up at school bald as a baby, except Stephanie, wearing a ponytail in the back. The last two pictures in this book are hysterically funny.

Click on picture below and it will take you to Robert Munsch’s  website where you can listen to all his stories.

Stephanie’s Ponytail

2 thoughts on “Stephanie’s Ponytail

  1. Justin Wilks says:

    My favorite part of the story was when they all said ” UG A LEE”. It was funny when she shaved her head.

  2. Nelson says:

    My favorite part was when Stephanie asked her mom if she could have a ponytail coming out the front and her mom made a ponytail coming right out the front.when she got to school every body said ugly! Ugly! ugly! Ugly!ugly! It’s my ponytail and I like it said Stephanie. The next day everybody was wearing a ponytail on the front.Stephanie said you are all brainless copycats. Tomorrow I will shave my head bald and the next day everybody shaved their head bald except Stephanie she had nice ponytail coming right out the back.

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