Turkey Popplet

Today the students made a poppet with clues about their disguised turkey from our video conference earlier this week!

Here is a sample!

The rest of the popplets are on my weebly under student work!

You can get to the weebly by clicking the weebly image on the right.

See if you can guess who we are!!

FISH Celebration

Today we had our first FISH philosophy celebration. 5 students were recognized for showing one of the four FISH philosophy traits. It was very hard to choose just 5 students to recognize since everyone in class is really FIN-tastic! Keep up the good work 2nd graders!

Video Conference with our Disguised Turkeys

Tuesday we had a chance to connect with 2 3rd grade classes in St. Louis MO. We disguised our turkey and the other class had to guess what they were dressed up as from our clues!