Nelson was the star of the week this week. He read us a cool non-fiction book about the history of chocolate. This book went along great with our weekly wondering.

Some of Nelson’s favorite things:


Food-Mac and cheese

Place-CJ Barrymores

When I grow up-scientist

I’m good at-math and science


Take a peek at the video Nelson’s mom made for us:


Click on his name to watch!

Weekly Wonder

The kids voted on what they wanted to learn by taking a poll on Edmodo. How was chocolate made? won! As luck would have it our star of the week has a favorite book-The history of Chocolate! Nelson read us his book today and we watched two Youtube videos on where chocolate comes from. We also watched a wonder on Wonderopolis about the first chocolate chip! 

It is amazing how excited the kids get when they can control their learning! 

Gizmo’s Family Game night

Last week Gismo’s came to Eisenhower to host a family game night. It was great fun and the kids used games to learn. 

Peek at the Week-November 11, 2013

Spelling words for the week are: its, who, now, people, my. Our tests are up to 12 words. Five new words and seven words from past tests. Don’t forget to keep practicing old words, they will come back on future tests.

We are finishing Unit 3 this week. Test is planned for the following Monday Nov. 18th. We will review starting Thurs. Look for a review sheet to come home. The 1st trimester math assessment is coming up on Thurs. Nov. 21st. The assessment has 3 essentials-addition and subtraction within 20 and telling time to 5 min. Please practice!

Mad Minute- we are continuing to work on math fact power! For the past 2 weeks we have been practicing harder addition facts. Only 8 children made it into the mad minute club 2 weeks ago and even fewer this past week. We practice math facts every day please help by practicing at home too.

Science test is Monday Nov. 11th.

A new social studies unit is starting Tuesday. We will be learning about how communities change over time. As we study this unit we will look at first Americans and Thanksgiving traditions.


Stephanie’s Ponytail

Tomorrow we are going to read one of my favorite authors…Robert Munsch! My own girls used to love listening to his stories.

We are going to listen to Stephanie’s Ponytail. Stephanie just wanted to go to school with a ponytail. But first the other kids make fun of her hairstyle, and then they all decide to wear their hair the same way. Each time Stephanie changes her hairstyle, she is berated (Ugly, ugly, very ugly!) and then copied. But Stephanie get even with them! She tells them she will shave her head, and sure enough… everyone shows up at school bald as a baby, except Stephanie, wearing a ponytail in the back. The last two pictures in this book are hysterically funny.

Click on picture below and it will take you to Robert Munsch’s  website where you can listen to all his stories.

Stephanie’s Ponytail