Bob and Carl show

Today we had a holiday sing along and Mr. Metty ate the promised chocolate covered bugs from the Fun Run. What a great morning!

Reading Log Pages

Students have been working on reading logs as they read chapter books. The reading log helps students break down the chapters and is a great tool to start discussions with classmates. I have been trying to get the logs on-line digitally incase students forget to bring them home. I am having trouble getting them on the blog but have managed to get them on the class Weebly. Click on the Weebly link to the right. The logs are under the reading log tab. 

Peek at the Week 12-16

Spelling words of the week-long, little, very, after, word. The skill for the week is adding suffixes to words. (-ed, -ing, -er, -est,-s,) Please make sure to practice past words-they will reappear!

Social Studies-we are continuing with our mapping unit. If you have any maps at home to share with the kids please send them in. They are fascinated by all the different types of maps and what we learn from them.

Polar Express arrives Monday. Please wear PJ’s to school and bring in your most precious item to take on the train. We are rotating between rooms-riding on a life size train while listening to the story, enjoying hot chocolate and a cookie and finally making a reindeer ornament.

Wednesday holiday sing along with the Bob and Carl show. Please wear your second grade t-shirt.

Friday pancake breakfast to celebrate the holiday. We will have a book exchange between students. Please send in a wrapped book for a boy or a girl valued around 4.00.

Holiday break is Dec 21-Jan 5th. Classes start up Mon Jan 6th. 

Polar Express Reminder


Please wear your favorite pajama’s and slippers on Monday! Bring a change of clothes for lunch recess-if the temperature is over 10 degrees they do go out. You also need to bring in your most precious item to take on the train with you. It must be small enough to fit on your lap. 

Tiny Seed Ideas

Today during writing we talked about a tiny seed idea vs. a watermelon idea. Students tend to want to write stories that cover a large period of time. Stories that focus in on one small moment in time are usually more detailed and exciting for the reader. A watermelon idea is a larger idea, where as a tiny seed idea is a small moment from that large idea. We made a tiny seed booklet for school and home to record our ideas for stories. If something really cool happens at home have your student jot down the idea in their seed booklet. When it comes time to think of a new story idea he/she can pull out their idea books and start rehearsing a new story.