Peek at the Week

Spelling words of the week-way, find, use, may, water The skill for the week is they long a sound patterns (ai, ay and a with silent e) Please make sure to practice past words-they will reappear!

Writing-we are working on a new writing unit, exploring authors craft. We are studying Jonathan London’s books to see what methods he uses to make his books wonderful. We are trying some of his methods in our own writing.

Daily Wonder-every day we explore a daily wonder on Wonderopolis. We are also coming up with our own wonderings and researching them. Students get very excited when we learn something new.

Twitter-we are connecting with other classrooms around the country. Every morning we check our classroom twitter to see is anyone has connected with us

Unit 4 in Math introduces double digit addition.later this week we will be learning how to carry by using partial sums method. Check the blog for a video explaining how this is done.

Social studies test is Monday. We will be starting unit 2 this week. This unit focuses on mapping skills.

Thursday Dec. 12th is a 1/2 day students will be released at 12:00