Peek at the Week Feb 3rd


Spelling words of the week-good, new, write, our, me . This weeks skill is homophones again- knowing the difference between those 2 sets of words if difficult. We are up to 14 spelling words per test 5 new words and 9 past words. Please make sure to practice past words-they will reappear!

Science-thanks to everyone that volunteered to send in items for our cookie islands. The children got to put any landform they wanted on the cookie. We took pictures of the cookie and created labels using an iPad app. Take a peek at our creations on the Weebly.

Math-unit 5 finishes up this week. We will begin reviewing the following Mon and Tues. with the test planned for Wed Feb 12th.

Reading-in whole group and guided groups we are starting to work on non-fiction books. We are learning about the different text features these books have and how they help us navigate through the book to find the information we are looking for.

Writing-we started a revision unit when we came back after break. This unit is a lot like the craft unit we just finished. Students continue to revise and look at their writings to make them better. One of the lessons we worked on was adding similes to our writing. Similes often have quite a few adjectives-the new grammar skill we are practicing with the Sentence of the Week.

Early release day Thursday Feb 6th students will be released at 1:30.