The Biggest, Best Snowman

Today we read a cute story about a little girl who thoughts she couldn’t do anything because she was so small. She soon learned that anything is possible with friends. Take a listen to our story



2 thoughts on “The Biggest, Best Snowman

  1. ariana says:

    the problom in the story was when little nel asked to do somthing big mama big sarah and big lizzy said no you can not help because you are to small and little nel said no i am not too small big mama big sara and big lizzy said yes you are to small so little nel went into the big snowy woods to find her friends and her friends said can you teach us how to build a snowman and little nel said no i can not teach you how to build a snow man and her friends said why cant you teach us how to build a snowman and little nel said i am to small and her friends said no you are not to small so they made a snow man and little went to go get her family and little nel said come see i built a snowman so her family followed her and the solution was her family said that little nel could help with everything because she built the bigest best snow man

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