Book Treasure-100th day Worries

This week we read a cute story about 100’s day. Take a peek at our mystery readers share the story with you!


3 thoughts on “Book Treasure-100th day Worries

  1. Justin Wilks says:

    There were a littel girl was worried that she didn’t have 100 things . Her mother had 10 pennies, and 10 nickels. Her father had 10 buttons and 10 screws. Her sister had 10 barrettes. Her brother gave her 10 rocks. She had 10 ribbons and 10 kisses from her mom.
    She had 10 dimes and 10 rubber bands. She had a collection I f 100 things her family gave her.

  2. Anyel says:

    The story is about a little girl who worries about everything. On the 95th day of school their teacher, Mr. Martin, tells the class that they are going to have a 100th day project and she starts to worry a lot. The little girl stares at her cereal on the 100th day of school. She talked to her family about it and they helped her but only found 90 items.

    The lesson of the story is to get things done as soon as you can and not waste time worrying. Ask your family for help if you need to.

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