Peek at the Week 9-29


Spelling Words-out, them, then, she, many skill for the week is the /sh/, /wh/, /ch/, and /th/ sounds. Homework sheet will come home Monday and is due Friday. Sheet is double sided. Please do both sides.

Reading: we are continuing learning routines for Daily 5. This week we will are going to start the fourth part of Daily 5- read to someone. We will focus on not only reading with fluency but also questioning skills and responding to someone’s questions.

Math-unit 2 starts this week. This unit reviews word problems and ways to solve them. We are also going to focus on fact power-the ability to solve addition or subtraction problems 1-10 instantly by memory. Student that have fact power have a much easier time once we introduce double/triple digit addition.

Mad minute-last week we started doing mad minutes. A mad minute is a quick 30 problem addition or subtraction quiz. The goal is to solve these 30 problems in less than 1 minute. If they solve the problems correctly in less than one minute they get in the super star club.

Social Studies-We are finished up our community unit a day early. We reviewed on Friday and the test is planned for Monday.

Science-Earths land and water is the first unit for 2nd grade. Student will learn about the different landforms and bodies of water. 

Book Treasure-Apple Trouble

This week our book treasure was a cute story called Apple Trouble. Hedgehog has finished building a cozy nest for winter. Unfortunately, a ripe apple falls from the tree above and gets stuck in her spines, making it impossible for her to fit in her new digs. She has several friends to whom she can go for advice, but their instructions simply make her situation worse. She ends up with other bits and pieces stuck to her body in addition to the apple — including nuts, a pear, a dried leaf, and some berries. Then she meets another animal that is able to ease her situation by eating everything stuck to her.

Take a peek at Mrs. Short reading the story 

Pledge to our Fun Run!!

It’s not too late to pledge for Eisenhower’s Fun Run!! If you make a donation before tomorrow your student will get a prize during lunch next week. We are also competing with other classrooms-Top classroom gets  a movie and pop corn or a PJ party.

Please consider pledging to this worthy cause. The PTO does such great things for our school!! 

Click on picture below to make a donation!!


Peek at the Week 9-22


Spelling Words-will, each, about, how, up skill for the week is /ou/ and /ow/ sound. Homework sheet will come home Monday and is due Friday. The sheet is double sided. Please do both sides one side practices the skill of the the week the other is practicing spelling words in fun ways.

Reading: we are continuing learning routines for Daily 5. This week we will work on predictions and wonderings. We also are starting the third part of Daily 5-listening to reading.

Math-We finished unit 1 and will review for the test Monday and Tuesday with test planned for Wednesday. Look for review sheets to come home Monday.

Social Studies-We are finishing up with unit 1 this week.  A review sheet will come home Friday with test planned for Tuesday Sept 30th.

Early release day Thursday September 25th at 1:30 

Homework is an important part of becoming a life long learner. Please make sure students turn in homework on time. Students that have missing assignments will have to go to the responsibility room at lunch recess. We are trying to build student responsibility and getting ready for upper elementary. Thank you for your help in this matter.     

Book Treasure-Owen

This week we started book treasures. Every Friday I read a book to the students and give them a token to remember the book. Over the weekend students need to retell the story to a family member and fill out the retelling form. This form and the envelope are due on Monday. 

Friday I read the book Owen by Kevin Henkes. Owen’s fuzzy yellow blanket is his favorite possession. Everywhere Owen goes, his blanket goes with him. Upstairs, downstairs, in-between. Inside, outside, upside down. Everywhere! Owen’s parents are in despair—soon Owen will begin school, and he can’t take Fuzzy with him then. Whatever can be done?Everyone who’s ever had a favorite blanket will know exactly how Owen feels!