Peek at the Week 9-29


Spelling Words-out, them, then, she, many skill for the week is the /sh/, /wh/, /ch/, and /th/ sounds. Homework sheet will come home Monday and is due Friday. Sheet is double sided. Please do both sides.

Reading: we are continuing learning routines for Daily 5. This week we will are going to start the fourth part of Daily 5- read to someone. We will focus on not only reading with fluency but also questioning skills and responding to someone’s questions.

Math-unit 2 starts this week. This unit reviews word problems and ways to solve them. We are also going to focus on fact power-the ability to solve addition or subtraction problems 1-10 instantly by memory. Student that have fact power have a much easier time once we introduce double/triple digit addition.

Mad minute-last week we started doing mad minutes. A mad minute is a quick 30 problem addition or subtraction quiz. The goal is to solve these 30 problems in less than 1 minute. If they solve the problems correctly in less than one minute they get in the super star club.

Social Studies-We are finished up our community unit a day early. We reviewed on Friday and the test is planned for Monday.

Science-Earths land and water is the first unit for 2nd grade. Student will learn about the different landforms and bodies of water.