Peek at the Week 12-1

Spelling Words-no spelling for the week: over, did, down, made, only. The skill of the week is proofreading and compound words.

Reading: we are continuing our genre unit “doing the right thing”

Math: unit 4 starts this week. It focuses on story problems, rounding-ball park estimates and beginning double digit addition.

Social Studies: we are reviewing for our social studies test Monday and Tuesday. Test is planned for Wednesday. We are going to start the mapping unit at the end of the week.

Half days of school Wednesday December 3rd and 4th

Conferences are this week if you have not signed up for a time please do so. 

Postcards from all over the world

IMG_4594 IMG_4595

This week the first postcard arrived South Dakota!!!

We are participating in a postcard exchange with other classrooms from around the United States and a few countries. We are going to send postcards out in December! We can’t wait to see where all the cards come from!

 I created to track where the postcards came from-click on the postcard to see the map.

Naked Turkey Project

We are getting ready for our video conference on Monday. Today we recorded our clues-see if you can guess what we are dressed up as! If you want to see all our turkeys make sure to click on the weebly site. There is a link on the right side!


Peek at the Week-Nov 17th


Spelling Words-no spelling for the next 2 weeks because of the days off. We will be focusing on grammar skills. So far we have covered: capitals and where to use them, end of sentence punctuation, nouns, irregular plural nouns, verbs, and commas. This week we will add conjunctions and irregular past tense verbs.

Reading: we are continuing our genre unit “doing the right thing”

Math: unit 3 test is on Monday and first trimester test test is on Wed. Unit 4 focuses on number stories, rounding (ball park estimates) and beginning double digit addition.

Social Studies: timelines are a way for us to interpret and learn about the past. We are creating our own timelines which we will turn into a digital timeline and then present it to the class. Please make sure to send in the timeline sheet on Monday so we can continue the project at school. 


Feast on Monday Nov 24th-dont forget to bring in your vegetable