100th Day Worries-Book Treasure

Friday we read a cute story by Margery Cuyler called 100th Day Worries. Jessica is worried. On the 95th day of first grade, her teacher announces that the class will celebrate the 100th day of school by bringing in collections of 100 things. Being a chronic worrier, Jessica thinks and thinks all week. What will she bring? 100 ice cubes? Too melty. Marshmallows? Too sticky. Her siblings suggest 100 lipsticks and 100 yo-yos, but Jessica rejects those ideas. When her classmates start bringing in their collections, Jessica is in anguish. Why didn’t she think of peanuts, or paper clips, or peppermints? The 100th day dawns, and Jessica  still doesn’t know what to bring. Will inspiration strike in time?

The kids brought home a baggie to make their own 100’s day collection! I can’t wait to see what everyone brings in!

5 thoughts on “100th Day Worries-Book Treasure

  1. Noah Pashby says:

    My favorite part of 100th Day Worries was when Jessica held up the 10 kisses to complete her 100th Day collection. It was my favorite part because I think it was very cool that her mom slid the kisses into her lunchbox. It was not hard for me to decide what to take in for my 100th Day collection. This makes me different than Jessica, because she couldn’t decide what to take in.

  2. AbbyPelkey says:

    This book takes place at a school and house. There’s a family in the book with a mom, dad, brother, sister, and a little girl. There is a dog too. The problem was the little girl had to come up with things for her 100 day project. She came up with ribbons, buttons, rocket erasers, beads from her sisters necklace, screws and barretts. She also had ten pennies and ten nickels. And then finally ten kisses. I learned not to worry about projects that I need to complete. Just give myself time to think about what I want to do then just do it.

  3. Grace V says:

    Jessica worries a lot. She worried about what to bring in for 100th day at school. She couldn’t bring in ice cubes or marshmallows. On the last day to bring something in, she was upset and her family helped her. They found some screws, marbles, buttons, beads, ribbons and rocks. Her Mom gave her 10 kisses in her lunch, which then made 100. I know to try not to worry too much about things because that is not good for you, but you do need to plan ahead of time!

  4. Teagan says:

    Jessica was very worried about what she would bring for a Thehundred days to school but then she ended up collecting all kinds of items from her family and she brought 90 items of things from her family but then at the end she also had kisses and hugs from her mom so that made her 100. I really liked that part. I learned that you should not worry so much about everything and that everything will turn out fine .

  5. Teagan says:

    Arthur was getting secret Valentines. He finally figured out they were from Francine. He went up to her at the movies and told her he was going to give her kisses, then he put Hershey’s kisses on her seat and he went away. It was very funny.

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