Listen to Reading

The children can choose from 8 different MP3 players to listen to books on tape. When they are listening to books they are building their vocabulary and listening to good models of fluency.


5 thoughts on “Listen to Reading

  1. Now I have trialled adindg a post with the new setup, I can tell you it is very frustrating I can no longer see the whole post as I write it it slips under the moveable sidebars at the right hand side, and seems to jump about when you edit in the html option. I have had to do a lot of scrolling to view what I have written, which is time-consuming and breaks your flow of thought. I also haven’t had any result when I clicked the Quick Edit option, just to see what it might do.I will try it on a different computer and/or adjust screen resolutions here as Sue suggested, but why does this happen when it used to work just fine? Not all users upgrade/ adjust their computer screens regularly and some settinsg in schools are quite fixed!

  2. allaidlaw says:

    I have not had a problem like that with our computers. I do notice that sometimes it works better at home than at school. Try using a non-school computer and see if that helps.
    Good luck!

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