AHHH Im sooo sad . Mr. Alvaro told us something very sad.  I still can’t beleive it.

HE’S ReTIRING!!!!   He said we are his last class before he retires. 

He will continue The Skinny he says.

  Wait… who will replace him?  Will it be Jalyn? No she would eat chicken the whole time.  Ciyah? No she’s too funny and cute.  Jessica?  NO wayyyyyyy to pretty.

Who will take his spot? I”m  just SO sad.  I guess when we leave the school this year and were not his students anymore, there”sno point in teaching here.

Well it’s the perfect weather for a sad day, rainy and cloudy.

I guess that’s all today on my very special edition of Maddy’s muze.  There’s no use in doing it in caps when there’s no excitement.

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